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Alex Stevens Men’s Mele Kalikimaka Ugly Christmas Sweater, Peach, Small

Added on December 19, 2015 in Ugly Sweaters
$29.99 Add To Cart price at April 19, 2020 8:27 am GMT+0000 -Details

Mele Kalikimaka ugly Christmas sweater Product Features Jacquard Mutli color

Mele Kalikimaka ugly Christmas sweater

Product Features

  • Jacquard
  • Mutli color


sean power says:

no disappointment there. However the bra portion is not positioned … I ordered this sweater for an ugly sweater party, and man is this sweater ugly, no disappointment there.However the bra portion is not positioned properly and is lower than I would like it.

Amazon Customer says:

A great way to get some laughs and attention at your ugly sweater party The second I saw this thing, I had to buy it. I was a bit hesitant, at first, since I was getting it for a work party and having giant coconuts on my chest could have been misconstrued, but as soon as I walked in, those concerns were dashed. I did get some quizzical stares and some pointing and laughing, but that is exactly what I was hoping for. Random people came up to me, expressing how much they loved the sweater and remarked on how sexy my newly acquired chest hair was. It was a very fun night and I will definitely wear it again.Though, I will admit, the very awkward come-ons due to huge coconuts on my boobs was a bit awkward, especially since there were children present. That wasn’t terribly fun, but all of the laughter and other comments made up for this mild inconvenience.

Amazon Customer says:

Warm and cozy Delightful and fun. The coconut shells make it look as though I have breasts. I do not though which is funny.

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